The City of Copenhagen forecasts that the city will grow by 11

On a rant. Their ultimate goal are NO companion animals and their adopt don’t shop movement has NOT helped lower the amount of dogs in shelters. Instead it has pushed us to import over a million dogs every year from overseas (because we actually have a deficit of adoptable dogs), spreading diseases like the Asian flu and rabies through our native dog population all because it’s popular to adopt now instead of supporting responsible breeders that health test and breed for sport, performance, and companion homes.

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uk canada goose outlet Popularity, after all, comes at a price. And with Copenhagen’s burgeoning population, the influx of newcomers has led to a housing shortfall, particularly when it comes to rentals, with demand outpacing supply. The City of Copenhagen forecasts that the city will grow by 11,000 people by the end of 2016 and a full 100,000 by 2027.”JackPackaage 1 point submitted 6 days ago. uk canada goose outlet

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