Risk Management

With Perheadvip’s cutting edge software, player management is an art. Our agents can check any players account online at anytime of the day or call one of our customer service representatives for an update or to make an adjustment. Player action analysis is available through a number of advanced reports with the ability to adjust accordingly; that means moving your own lines if necessary. The Bet Ticker feature is also a standard option that we offer at no additional cost to agents, a feature that many can’t live without. We also maximize player management with a “Big Bet Alert” service, designate any big action player to have an instant text email sent to any cell phone when a specific type of wager or amount is wagered. Increase player retention and profits while minimizing overall exposure with Perheadvip.

Risk Management is important to minimizing exposure and maximizing profits and Perheadvip has a staff of supervisors and managers with decades of gaming experience. Our line managers are experienced with all aspects of betting action and can quickly move a line accordingly.

We also use several sources to help set and maintain our lines, only the best when it comes to our operations floor. With this experience and resources we can help you identify sharp players. Perheadvip also digitally records all phone wagering activity which is automatically archived and available for review at any time. Naturally, password confidentiality is the sole responsibility of each individual agent and player.

Perheadvip is not responsible for password usage by anyone other than the person to whom the password was originally issued. If you suspect that a password has been compromised, please notify us immediately and we’ll assign a new password to the affected account or have it disabled.

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