I can fault him for publishing the leaked DNC emails although

If you ever worked for any mid size (or larger) company/corporation, you likely know that this kind of response is cliche at this point. It the cookie cutter response to being caught out in the media. And never in my life have I actually seen anything meaningful come of one of these it just cheap fluff to assuage critics without having to actually back it with actions.

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canada goose uk black friday I in two minds about the guy, I really respect the early Wikileaks (although I appreciate much of that is really down to Chelsea Manning) and what they did but post 2012 I found myself questioning Assanges motives more and more. I can fault him for publishing the leaked DNC emails although all the behind the scenes cooperation with the opposition made it quite clear they had picked a side. He was paranoid, he exposed US government corruption, it couldn have been too hard to feed him certain information and make him think he was doing good without really realising he was working for the Kremlin or for people even more corrupt. canada goose uk black friday

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