All the features you've been waiting to have

Migration Support

Come with us and will help you transfer all the history of your players, balances, open wagers, futures, etc.

Customer Service 24/7

Perheadvip offers your clients a 24/7 toll free number with the customer service of our professional staff that will not only read the lines, answer questions and take the action but will also speak to them in the language they need.

We bring you our A game so your guys will think you are the only game in town.

Unbeatable Prices

If you have five players or a thousand… perheadvip can customize a service package to meet your internet needs with over 20 years of experience and guaranteed low, low, low prices.


Mobile Wagering

We have the best live in gaming app
in the industry

Every possible line

Give your players more options, more fun. Featuring tons of betting options on all major leagues (pro/college), world championships and entertainment.

If we don’t offer the line that your players want just let us know and we will find it for them.

Free Customized Websites

Perheadvip agents can choose one of our available websites for their customers to use or they can have their own unique website designed and hosted on our servers.

If you want a personalized website, just choose one of our templates and we will customize the landing page, graphics, colors and logo to your needs. Page titles, navigation buttons and layouts tailored to fit your best interests are all built right in.

Perheadvip landing pages also include a live game feed to maximize the player experience.
If you already have a website, we can host it at Perheadvip or we can purchase an available URL for you and your players and design a site to match.

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